This page is a repository of links to apologetics resources I have found online. I will update the content periodically as I find new resources that I think are worth mentioning. This is not an all inclusive list. If you want to see a site listed that is missing below, contact me on twitter and I'll check it out. I am doing this to help anyone who finds their way here as well as to help myself keep track of the many many great internet theologians that have helped lead me in my faith walk.


The websites are valuable sources of information. The texts and writings section are online copies of popular texts from all throughout time.

Online Bible and other sacred texts

I need to get the different links for android and iphone stores, but for now you can just search in your preferred app store. These links provide access to the same tools in a web browser.

Texts and Writings

Apocrypha, literature, philosophy, and early church writings

Apologetics Ministries


Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

YouTube Channels

I am splitting the YouTube channels up into 2 categories to start off with. As time goes on we may make this more granular, but for now this should be sufficient to keep things straight.

Christian Apologetics

Athiest Apologetics